Artificial Plants

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This artificial Agave plant with its textured single stem will complement any arrangement it is nestled within. With its sharp, feather-like leaves that fan out gracefully, this piece is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. A fan of pointed green leaves tops the textured single thick stem of this agave artificial plant.


Standing at 70cm tall, this artificial Aloe plant has dusty green colour and spiky-edged leaves. These artificial Aloe plants sport beautiful, natural looking leaves that have spiked edges, adding to the realistic feel.

The tentacle-like leaves are thick, fleshy and real to the touch. This would be the perfect piece to add some flair to your home and everyone will think it is the real deal.


Arching fronds and pointed leaves create the signature silhouette of the tropical artificial Areca palms. This exotic giant commands attention and makes an excellent focal point in your hallway, reception area or living room.


This artificial oriental bamboo is a stunning replica of the natural Chinese bamboo tree.

The tree features sharp, dark green leaves splaying from the real bamboo canes and will make a flawless addition to your home or office space.


It is a highly realistic and premium quality artificial plant.

This iconic plant is suitable for just about any area. This Bird of Paradise Tree, or Strelitzia, is full of meticulous detailing and it looks ultra-lifelike. The Tree stands 1.2 metres tall with large leaves sprouting off at various heights, giving good coverage from top to bottom. This Bird of Paradise plant comes paired with our standard black plastic pot for easy installation, just pick it up and place it into your chosen pot or planter.


Artificial Dracaena plants bring a touch of tropical interior style to your home. Our artificial dracaena trees have realistic striped colour leaves. These artificial trees are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

This artificial tree stands 80cm high. It has a thick trunk and triple stems with wired leaves. It is highly realistic with botanically accurate foliage. Leaves are wired and can be shaped to your requirements.


Ficus Lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig tree, is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae. Native to western Africa it grows in lowland tropical rainforest. Our artificial version is a realistic imitation of the actual plant.


This artificial Green Joy Plant stands 80cm high. It is delivered fully assembled and needs no arranging, except for fold out the stems. Leaves are real touch and look realistic.

This beautiful product has an extremely high leaf count and many stems which folds out to create a lush look.


This delightful variegated plant  is well suited to any interior.

The dark leaves with light vein outlines give a distinctive accent to your home. The Mini Philo or arrowhead leaves give the potted plant a full lush look. Complete with a deep black planter to draw the eye to the dazzling plant. Add to an office or lounge for a touch of greenery.


An ornamental houseplant favourite since Victorian times, this Rubber plant has sumptuously large deep green leaves and slightly menacing red tips. Adding it to your home guarantees style without the hassle of keeping the real plant alive.